'Ball of fury' Cat Traps Mom and Daughter in San Diego Home

'Ball of fury' Cat Traps Mom and Daughter in San Diego Home

Family cat Cuppy trapped its owners for hours in a bedroom Tuesday night, resulting in a call to 9-1-1 and police response to free the woman and her daughter.

A recording of the 9-1-1 dispatcher was played during an ABC 10 News report of the event: “Female’s calling on 9-1-1 advising that her cat is holding her and her adult daughter hostage in the bedroom, and it attacks them when they try to leave.”

The mother and daughter were reportedly trapped in the bedroom for hours, terrified at the ferocity of their own cat. It was reported that the cat becomes very agitated and acts out when a particular neighborhood stray cat stalks their house.

Described as a normally docile animal, Cuppy’s countenance changes with the presence of the stray. “He’s vocal and claws and just a ball of fury,” said one woman of the family cat. Cuppy has been the family’s pet for 14 years, according to 10 News.

On a night without more priority calls, Chula Vista Police responded to the situation around 4 a.m. and helped free the women from the room they had been confined to. It appeared the cat was not afraid of the police or the K-9 unit. Typically, animal control would respond to this type of call, but nighttime response can be slow, and that night the officers were available to take on the task.


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