Rallies Across California in Solidarity with Ferguson

Rallies Across California in Solidarity with Ferguson

Rallies were held across California and the nation on Thursday on behalf of the demonstrators in Ferguson, MO, where Michael Brown, who was black, was killed last Saturday by police, and riots and looting followed. 

In Sacramento, dozens of people showed up at 16th and J streets downtown Sacramento. On demonstrator told local Fox affiliate KTXL: “We’re here to support people of color in this country that deserve equal rights.” Another asserted, “If it happened there, it can happen here. It can happen anywhere.”

A third demonstrator said, “Even with my own brother. He’s been pulled out with the guns and stuff like that by the police and it’s just like, thank god he didn’t get shot, but that’s definitely a possibility.”  A fourth echoed, “And day after day we see video of police using Tasers, batons, pushing people, slugging people and even killing people. Testing for police officers, not only for regular drugs, but definitely for steroids, that these officers have cameras on them at all times. And I think that’s a good start.”

There is another protest planned for Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, roughly 500 protesters met in Leinart Park on Thursday, according to KTLA. Between 10 and 25 police cars were seen escorting protesters to the destination, according to KPCC public radio.  Another, local police shooting was also the target of protests.

A rally was also held in San Diego:

A similar “don’t shoot” rally was held in Oakland:

Photo: Ferguson, MO/File