Local California Man Leads Effort to Stop ISIS Online

Local California Man Leads Effort to Stop ISIS Online

A local California leader has taken it upon himself to thwart the online presence of and recruitment process being administered by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, via social media Internet sites.

“They know we’re out there. They know I’m watching,” said Founder andPresident of the Chaldean American Chamber in California, Ben Kalasho to local Fox News affiliate KSWB-5 in San Diego.

Kalasho is leadingthe efforts, along with a handful of activists, to take down Islamic State’s presence and to prevent their online recruitment process through popularsocial media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He began directing the move to remove Islamic State pages upon his discovery of an Instagram page which was using marketing tactics to draft young, impressionable minds, he told KSWB:

They boast and gloat about the necessity of killing Christians and how the Qur’an calls for killing Christians. And how by killing Christians, you end up saving a seat in heaven for you. By doing that. So if you’re a religious Muslim and young, you find that sort of verbiage appealing.

So far, Kalasho and his team have successfully caused the shutting down of two Islamic State Instagram accounts and four Islamic State Facebook pages, notes KSWB.

Islamic State has unleashed a series of vilifying attacks on the United States via Twitter. Breitbart News recently discovered one such movement under #AmessagefromISIStoUS, where violent, bloody images were posted to warn the U.S. of the intentions the terrorist group has to take down western democracy as well as its targeted execution of all non-Muslims.

In Iraq, and throughout the Middle East, Islamic State has marked the homes of Christians with an Arabic “N” which stands for Nazarene or Nasrani to indicate the religion of the residents. Thousands of Yazidis have been forced to flee, convert to Islam or face execution-style death through bloody beheadings and gruesome murder.

Kalasho says that he and his team are willing to do whatever they can, even if it’s simply “a ding in their [Islamic State’s] social media efforts,” in order to stop the Islamic State from spreading their message across the world, KSWB notes.

Kalasho told KSWB that while he can only do so much, his efforts online are a start.