Aunt Arrested After Fatal Hit-and-Run of Toddler Left in Street

Aunt Arrested After Fatal Hit-and-Run of Toddler Left in Street

The aunt of a 2-year-old girl who was killed in a hit-and-run after she was left unattended in the middle of a San Francisco street was arrested Tuesday and booked into county jail on suspicion of felony child endangerment felony and corporal injury on a child resulting in death. The deceased toddler’s father is seeking justice for what he alleges is his relative’s gross negligence.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, at 10:37 pm on Friday evening Lorysha Gage, 25, was on her way back from a movie with her twin niece and nephew. She had walked her niece Mi’Yana Gregory, 2, to the middle of the crosswalk across from the Westfield San Francisco Centre on Mission Street–against the light–and left her there as she turned around to retrieve her twin brother Michael from the sidewalk.

It was then that the toddler was struck by a white, mid-1990s four-door sedan. The driver reportedly did not stop. Police are searching for the driver of the vehicle, notes the Chronicle. They are saying it is possible the person did not realize they had hit the toddler, since the incident occurred at night.

“I’m very devastated that it happened on her watch,” said the toddler’s father Michael Gregory,” according to the Chronicle.

“The person who hit her should have stopped,” said the toddler’s great-grandmother Cynthia Johnson, 59. “This is a no-win situation. No matter who is charged with what you can’t bring my baby back.”

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