Selfie Could Hold Picture-Perfect Clue to California Burglary Suspects' Identity

Selfie Could Hold Picture-Perfect Clue to California Burglary Suspects' Identity

Sheriff’s detectives in Santa Clarita, California, are saying a selfie photo of a couple which may have inadvertently been posted to a burglarized victim’s Cloud account could hold clues to a “unique” burglary.

The burglary reportedly occurred on July 30, according to KCAL 9. The burglar or burglars had apparently cut a slit through the victim’s screen kitchen window at her Newhall, Santa Clarita, apartment complex and then proceeded to ransack her home. “There [were] numerous things stolen: electronics, cash, jewelry,” said Deputy Josh Dubin.

The police are calling the burglary a “unique case” because of the social media component attached to it. They say a few days after the burglary, the victim started noticing several selfies posted to her Cloud account from people she did not recognize.

“Sometimes multiple devices can be linked up under one cloud account,” and oftentimes with or without cellular or WiFi service, there are automatic settings which result in the automatic uploading of photos or images to the Cloud account. Dubin suggests this may be the case with the mysterious selfies.

However, police are not certain whether the people in the photo are the actual suspects since they are not factoring out the possibility that the electronic devices that were stolen from the victim may have been sold, KCAL 9 notes. Rather, they are emphasizing that the people in the selfies are simply “people that they would like to talk to.” They are curious to know how their images appeared on the burglary victim’s cloud account.

Detectives said that despite being able to identify the two people in the photo, there was no additional information, such as location or other embedded information that could be helpful to the case. They are asking anyone who knows the couple or has information to call 800-222-8477 or text the letters TIPLA, along with a tip, to 274637. Information may also be shared via