Lawmakers Make Gun Checks Required for Police Welfare Checks

Lawmakers Make Gun Checks Required for Police Welfare Checks

On August 22 California lawmakers passed Senate Bill 505, requiring police to check the state’s gun registration database before going on a “welfare check.”

SB 505 was sponsored by state senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) in reaction to Elliot Rodger’s May 23rd mass murder, in which three people were stabbed to death and three others were shot and killed. Police conducted a welfare check on Rodger approximately three weeks before his attack, but had not checked the database to see if he was a gun owner. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson believes her legislation might be able to prevent such an attack “in the future.” 

SB 505 also had the support of Republicans like state senator Stephen Knight (R-Palmdale). Knight is a former LAPD officer who believes Jackson’s legislation will “help keep police officers safe and make welfare checks safer for everybody.”

Theoretically, Rodger would have still been able to stab and kill his first three victims even with SB 505 in place.

The measure now goes to Government Jerry Brown (D) to be signed. 

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