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Aftershocks Still Rocking Napa After Sunday's 6.0 Earthquake

Aftershocks Still Rocking Napa After Sunday's 6.0 Earthquake

NAPA — A series of aftershocks has been rolling through California’s Napa Valley, including a more pronounced tremor just after 5 pm on Monday, which the United States Geological Survey says registered at a magnitude of 2.9. Individuals who were seated at the time felt the quick aftershock more readily. An additional, small aftershock was felt early Tuesday morning.

Sunday’s ruinous 6.0 magnitude earthquake was the worst natural disaster of its type Napa has suffered since the 1800’s. The most recent quake of comparable strength was a 5.2 magnitude shaker in 2000. The cost of damages Sunday’s quake caused is expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars, and perhaps up to $1 billion

Monday’s 2.9 magnitude aftershock came just minutes after a smaller 1.8 hit. From dozens of aftershocks that have rattled the region (over 60 thus far), the USGS says that only two have measured in at 3.0 or higher. The largest aftershock occurred at approximately 5:47 am on Sunday. It was a 3.6.

As time wears on, the likelihood of larger aftershocks diminishes greatly. Sunday’s 3:20 am earthquake was ushered in by a 10-second early warning system. Scientists are seeking to develop the system further to warn people at least 40-50 seconds before an earthquake strikes. 

The University of California Berkeley Seismological Laboratory released a video showing the early warning system that was sent out on Sunday morning before the earthquake hit. Funding for the system has not yet been found.

There was one death after the quake; however, it is not yet clear whether the 31-year-old woman died as a result of the natural disaster. She was discovered unconscious in her bed and had complained of a headache the night before. Autopsy results are expected in the coming days. 


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