Malibu Surfer Dies, Laird Hamilton Saves Another One

Malibu Surfer Dies, Laird Hamilton Saves Another One

A Southern California surfer died Tuesday morning at Malibu Point beach after 15-foot swells came crashing to shore following Hurricane Marie’s dangerous presence. Meanwhile, a surfing legend saved another surfer from drowning.

The unidentified victim at Malibu Point, who was believed to be in his 40s, was riding waves in close proximity to Malibu Pier prior to being carried out of the water by Los Angeles County lifeguards. He was unresponsive and in full cardiac arrest, first responders confirmed.

“He was found unconscious,” LA County Lifeguard Tim McNaulty told NBC. “I didn’t know if he suffered some sort of trauma or had some kind of medical issue.”

Lifeguards have made more than 100 rescues as of today and 70 individuals from Santa Monica alone, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Malibu Pier was closed Tuesday evening after the tropical storm knocked one of its pilings into the water.

Californian’s love their surf and despite the noted fatality and warnings from authorities, they proceeded to congregate around local beaches hoping to catch some of the biggest surf recorded in decades. The monstrous waves attracted hundreds of surfers and spectators.

Surfing legend Laird Hamilton, who is notorious for challenging some of the worlds biggest surf, risked his life and rescued an inexperienced surfer in Malibu on Wednesday. The victim was reportedly caught in the middle of the storm after his surfboard was swept away by 20-foot swells. 

As Marie loses momentum, forecasters continue to warn locals about the strong rip currents that are anticipated to roll over into the weekend.

“The conditions are extremely dangerous right now. If you’re not extremely experienced, you don’t want to be surfing,” LA firefighter Capt. Eric Howell told KTLA.

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