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33-Pound Cat 'Little Dude' Dies of Pneumonia-Related Illness

33-Pound Cat 'Little Dude' Dies of Pneumonia-Related Illness

A 33-pound cat who made international headlines for his size died of pneumonia-related complications on Saturday, according to the cat’s foster care provider.

Angela Jackson-Brunning, who first began caring for the ironically named “Little Dude” two weeks ago after he was dropped off at an animal shelter by his owners, told the Orange County Register that she immediately sensed something “special” about the cat.

“I do a lot of fostering, but there was something special about him,” Jackson-Brunning said. “There was an immediate bond. He was such a doll.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson-Brunning was overseeing a diet regimen for “Little Dude” before he died. She created a Facebook page, “A BIG Little Dude,” so fans could see his progress and post their thoughts and encouragement. Donations to pay for the cat’s medical care came in from all over the world. 

Unfortunately, the cat succumbed to his illnesses before he could complete his treatment.

“You are healed now, Little Dude,” Jackson-Brunning wrote in a Facebook post. “Heaven shines brighter with you there…and you can finally run again. Run free among the rainbows, my sweet boy… run free. You will never be forgotten.”

Image: Facebook


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