'Die-Hard' Director McTiernan: Obama 'Good President," U.S. a 'Prison Country'

'Die-Hard' Director McTiernan: Obama 'Good President," U.S. a 'Prison Country'

John McTiernan, director of action classics like “Die Hard” and “The Hunt For Red October,” was just released from prison in February after serving 10 months for lying to the FBI. After receiving a career award at the Deauville film festival, McTiernan ripped America as a “prison country,” described Obama as a “good president” who is a “prisoner of the White House,” and claimed that “the same people who lost the first Civil War” are sponsoring a second.

“I can only plead with you to examine the current political and cultural works of my country [the U.S.]. We are in the hands of a terrible counterrevolution and a great reaction, a second Civil War sponsored by the same people that lost the first Civil War,” the director said.

“And it has created a good president who is a prisoner of the White House who can do little beyond the ceremonial,” McTiernan continued. “It has made, despite of what you may see on screens, a prison country[.]”

McTiernan also believes people are imprisoned to keep them from voting and that the purpose of incarcerating the “predominantly poor white, poor brown and poor black people” is to transfer “approximately one-third of the wealth of the country from the middle class and the poor not to the top one percent, but to one-tenth of one percent.”

In short, McTiernan sounds like a bitter man filled with a lot of rage who has no idea how to articulate what he’s feeling.

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