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Woman's Poop Sign Threatens Defecation Retaliation Upon Owners of Uncurbed Dogs


LOS ANGELES, California — A visibly irked woman posted a sign in Los Angeles this week warning dog owners that she would personally follow them home and defecate on their doorsteps and the windshields of their cars if they failed to clean up after their dogs pooped on her lawn:

To the person who lets their dog poop on our lawn and doesn’t clean it up:

First of all, it’s beyond rude. We live here and pay a lot of money to live here and it’s not a toilet. Secondly, if you cant pick up your dogs poop, you shouldn’t have a dog. And lastly, we are watching you. The next time you let your dog poop on our lawn and don’t pick it up, I will personally follow you back to your home, wait until you get inside, pull down my pants and take a huge dump on your doorstep and on the windshield of your car.

Love, Annie

The picture of the poster was originally posted to Reddit, and the story was picked up by LAist, which reported that the cardboard sign was taped onto a street sign near the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue.

In June of this year, Mayor Dennis Kneier of San Marino resigned following backlash from the community after surveillance video caught him tossing a bag of excrement from his dog onto his neighbor Phillip Lao’s front lawn. Lao believes Kneier may have been retaliating for his opposition to a dark park proposal.

Several weeks ago, LAist posted an image of a “shitty response” to a simple request from a local resident to “please clean up after your dog.” Someone had written “fuck that” in what appears to be dog poop in response to the post:

Photos: Reddit via UPI and Instagram


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