Joshua Tree Couple Speaks of Baby Being Washed Away

Joshua Tree Couple Speaks of Baby Being Washed Away

Local Palm Springs NBC News affiliate KMIR reports that a one-year-old boy was washed away in recent flash floods associated with the remnants of Hurricane Odile–and survived. 

The couple’s home in Joshua Tree, which they had moved into in August, was inundated by flash floods after heavy rains fell throughout the southwest. They are now talking about the experience.

The boy’s mother, Ryan Scarcy, said, “We really thought we lost him. We came around thinking, y’know, we could break a window to get in and the whole wall was gone. His room was gone and he was nowhere to be found.”

The massive flood destroyed their home in Joshua Tree, rising five feet high outside the baby’s bedroom, then building up to the ceiling before destroying another wall and washing the baby away. Tristan traveled 200 feet away, past the barbed wire around the home.

Brian Bennett, the boy’s father, said, “My friend busted the living room window, came in through here, and he pointed out, he’s like, ‘Dude, your son’s over there.’ So I turned around and saw him peek his head out of the mud, ran out, picked him up.”

The baby was taken to the hospital with some cuts and bruises, and had mud and water in his lungs, but is expected to recover. Bennett commented, “Vitals are good, everything is fine… just he was in shock.”

Although the couple lost everything, as they had no home insurance, Scarcy was still thankful, saying, “The house is gone, our furniture is gone, our clothes are gone, Tristan’s stuff is gone… I’m really thankful to have our son. That was the most important thing to us, is that we have him and he’s still alive.”

Image: Screenshot/KMIR


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