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Charlie Sheen under Investigation for Battery, Assault During Dentist Visit

Charlie Sheen under Investigation for Battery, Assault During Dentist Visit

Anger Management star Charlie Sheen is being investigated for assault by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly pulling a knife on a dental technician in a rock cocaine-fueled rage. If charged, Sheen could face charges of battery and felony assault.

Sheen was reportedly at the oral surgeon’s office receiving treatment for an oral abscess, according to TMZ. An oral abscess is described in medicine as a collection of infected material (or pus) that has been built up in a certain region of the mouth. 

A dental technician told authorities that Sheen attacked her with a knife that he grabbed off of the oral surgeon’s tray during the procedure, notes TMZ. She also said Sheen’s bodyguard, who was present in the room during the altercation, told the dentist (who fired her) that Charlie was high on rock cocaine at the time.

Sheen says the allegations of assault and illicit drug use are lies. He stated that while he did act erratically while in the dentist’s chair, his reaction was due to the combination of nitrous oxide (the scientific term for laughing gas) and prescription medication he was given for a shoulder injury. 

He said the combination inadvertently caused his arms to flail, resulting in him accidentally knocking over the dental instruments, including the knife with which he was alleged to have attacked the technician.

Furthermore, Sheen’s attorney Martin Singer told TMZ that “The story is being made up by this woman [the dental technician] who was fired on Friday for violating HIPAA by telling her son Charlie was in the office. It got back to Charlie and the dentist fired her.”

The dentist was reportedly interviewed on Thursday by authorities and told them that the technician was lying, insisting that she had not mentioned drugs or the surgical knife to him, notes TMZ.

However, as the old adage goes, there are three sides to every story: his, hers, and truth. 

Authorities will reportedly be interviewing both Sheen and the dentist before referring the incident to the Los Angeles County District Attorney.


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