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Missing Parrot Returns, Speaking Spanish

Missing Parrot Returns, Speaking Spanish

An African grey parrot named Nigel that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home in Torrance, California four years ago was reunited with its owner last week. Except now, Nigel’s lost his British accent–and he speaks Spanish.

“It’s really weird. I knew it was him from the minute I saw him,” said Nigel’s owner Darren Chick to Torrance-based newspaper The Daily Breeze. Chick is originally from England but now lives in Southern California.

Very little is known about where Nigel was or what he did during those four years.

Chick said the reunion brought tears of joy to his eyes, even though Nigel initially bit him when he tried to pick him up. Micco said that the behavior was not unusual and that Nigel would settle back in soon enough, notes the Breeze.

Micco has facilitated five parrot reunions since her parrot Benjamin took flight. 

“In my pursuit to find him, I’ve recovered five other lost African greys. So hopefully, that karma is going to come back,” Micco said.

Photo: File/Kimberley White/Reuters


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