Airport Supporters: Two-thirds of Santa Monicans Back Measure D

Airport Supporters: Two-thirds of Santa Monicans Back Measure D

Supporters of Measure D, which would require any changes to Santa Monica Airport (SMO) to be approved by the voters, are confident that they can “trounce” their opponents at the polls and defeat rival Measure LC, which would allow the airport to be closed without voter approval. Dave Spady, a lawyer who represents a pro-Measure D group, told Breitbart News on Thursday that several internal opinion polls consistently show support for Measure D at “66-68 percent,” while support for Measure LC is about “31-33 percent.” 

According to Spady, voters are concerned that the city council would use the airport for development, rather than recreation, and that the result would be increased traffic in an already congested area. In addition, he noted that Measure LC allows for education facilities already at the airport to be replaced without voters having a say, meaning that the University of Southern California or a similar institution could move onto the site, adding to traffic and construction–but without contributing additional property taxes to the local fiscus.

Spady added that the Measure D campaign plans to launch ads on local cable stations in the last week before Election Day on Nov. 4, and is employing both social media and traditional grass-roots campaign operations. Activists for Measure LC are also highly visible in Santa Monica, though they are far less well-funded.

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