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Parents Coming to Bay Area to Buy Medical Marijuana for Sick Children

Parents Coming to Bay Area to Buy Medical Marijuana for Sick Children

Parents nationwide are visiting the Bay Area to obtain medical marijuana for their sick children.

So-called “CannaMoms” are taking their children’s medical treatment into their own hands, according to CBS San Francisco. They say much of the medicine they get back home is not as effective as medical marijuana.

“We are here for safe, consistent access to medication for our children,” Renee Petro told CBS. “My son, he’s on a Benzo drug, which bad side effects make him want to commit suicide. He’s asked me several times to kill him. But with THC, at night, he asks me for a bag of Cheetos.”

Mother Anneliese Clark told CBS that parents are going to San Francisco for their marijuana because they know it will be safer than the stuff sold on street corners.

“You can’t go down the street and give street stuff to children,” Clark said. “And that’s why we’re here.”

According to the report, many of these children are dealing with severe illnesses and diseases, like epilepsy or brain tumors. Although obtaining a medical marijuana license in California is illegal for nonresidents, Kymron DeCesare of Steep Hill Analytics told CBS that parents of these children are often left without a choice.

A recent report in Time magazine showed that many parents are seeing moderate success in treating their children with marijuana. The CBD compound in the drug, which does not get the user high, is reportedly particularly helpful in treating epilepsy by reducing incidents of seizures. 

Still, there is little scientific research on the effects of treating children with cannabis. Marijuana is still classified a Schedule 1 drug under federal law.


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