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Video: Bikers, Mid-Ride, Taunt California Highway Patrol Officer

Video: Bikers, Mid-Ride, Taunt California Highway Patrol Officer

A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows a pack of bikers doing wheelies and taunting a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer on route I-60 in Milpitas and San Jose as he tried unsuccessfully to stop them.

At one point during the 10-minute ordeal, the biker who was wearing the helmet camera that recorded the incident rode up right next to the CHP officer in an attempt to shoo him away, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The CHP officer reportedly called for backup while he tailed the group. After he was waved off by the rider who filmed the incident, he reportedly pulled over and waited for a fellow CHP officer to help him follow the group until they left the freeway at the McKee Road exit, notes the Mercury News.

The video was filmed on October 11, but the CHP reportedly only heard about the incident on Wednesday and is gathering information on it.

CHP spokesman Officer Ross Lee criticized the riders’ “exhibition of speed” and stressed the CHP officer’s correct choice to back away from the scene.

Image: Screenshot/YouTube


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