Catcalling Hits Streets of San Francisco

Catcalling Hits Streets of San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, California — A man in a wheelchair wearing a snakeskin hat and his significantly younger “wing man” companion wasted no time during the San Francisco Giants World Series victory parade on Friday, as they catcalled women on the streets of Union Square though a microphone.

“Lap dance, lap dance,” the older man called out to the females that passed by in a whimsical manner. “Right here, right here,” he said to one young lady as he patted his right knee indicating where he would have liked for her to sit. 

At one point in the video, a woman who appeared to be closer to the older man’s age made her way through the crowd. Behind him, his wing man could be heard saying “30-second lap dance,” to which the older man chimed in, “Please, please.” But to no avail.

This past week, a popular new video of an attractive young woman who documented her catcalling experiences in the streets of New York City went viral.