Los Angeles Out-Depraves New York City with Masturbation Billboard

Los Angeles Out-Depraves New York City with Masturbation Billboard

In what a Los Angeles weekly magazine boasted as New York’s loss and L.A’s gain, a billboard across the street from the Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood displays an “all you need is hand” ad to promote an adult website.

The same “PornHub” website advertisement was displayed on a billboard above New York City’s Times Square a couple of weeks ago.

The Hilton DoubleTree hotel, on which the sign was displayed in Manhattan, objected to its presence and demanded that it be removed. Times Square, which used to be considered the epicenter of North American sex shops, peep shows, and overall sexual depravity, is no longer considered to be the unsavory spot it once was and has become the Mecca for NYC theatre goers.

A representative for PornHub stated that “While PornHub could not find another location in Times Square to erect its billboard, it did find a location in Los Angeles.” Los Angeles Weekly magazine wrote, “New York acts like it’s our daddy. But it just ain’t so. It turns out that the city that allegedly never sleeps can’t handle a little sexual innuendo. Its loss is L.A.’s gain.”

PornHub claims to be the most viewed porn site on the web and is part of a vast internet network of websites called MindGeek. The billboard ad is supposed to conjure up the Beatles’ iconic song “All You Need Is Love.”


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