SF Chronicle: Gun Sales Driven by ‘Scared White Guys’ Who ‘Don’t Read Complicated Books’

SF Chronicle: Gun Sales Driven by ‘Scared White Guys’ Who ‘Don’t Read Complicated Books’

Following the record pace of firearm background checks on Black Friday 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Mark Morford announced that gun sales had been driven by “scared white guys” who “don’t read complicated books.”

According to the Chronicle columnist, who describes himself as a “yoga instructor” and “admirer of trees,” white male gun purchasers are afraid of our “scary black president” and of Ferguson’s black protesters. 

Morford claims that gun buyers are too blinded by fear to understand that “the vast majority of protests were…peaceful” and the grand jury’s decision was “heinous.” 

He continues, describing Black Friday gun buyers thus:

You do not read complicated books. You do not like new or weird things. You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News, which rejoices in showing you endless images of angry foreigners and minorities in pain: tear gas explosions, fights in the streets, looting, this time involving sad, small-town black people in Ferguson, all of them protesting the acquittal of a murderous white cop.

In addition, Morford says, the “scared white guys” buying guns “do not live in a major city, or near a university or intellectual hub of any note, nor have [they] traveled very far from [their] home town, much less out of state or any further than, say, Mexico.”

The bottom line: gun buyers are a bunch of hayseeds who lack the erudition necessary to understand it’s time to quit buying Glock, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson pistols for self-defense. 

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