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Air Time for Humpback Whale off Laguna Beach

Air Time for Humpback Whale off Laguna Beach

Despite 37 years cruising ocean waters as a boat captain, Tom White had never seen a humpback whale jump like the one that leaped completely out of the water on Satruday off the coast of Dana Point, California.

Captain Tom White was coasting along ocean waters with a boat full of spectators when watchers were witness to the spectacle that was the feisty humpback whale’s at least 30 breaches. He had seen the active whale just the day before. White works for Dana Wharf Sportsfishing and Whale Watching in Dana Point.

White told the OC Register, “”Humpbacks are known for being an acrobatic whale,” remarking, “He did that one breach where he got his whole body out of the water.”

Video of some of the Humpback’s activity was posted to the charter company’s YouTube channel:

Video posted by Dana Wharf Sportsfishing, taken by Carla Mitroff

White told the Register that seasonally warmer waters and healthy numbers of anchovies remaining in the area might be contributing to Humpback whales lingering in the warm waters off the California coast.

On Thanksgiving day, an unusual Orca sighting also thrilled spectators. Capt Frank Brennan of Dana Wharf Sportsfishing caught underwater audio and video of the whales.

Captain White also told the Register, “You’re not going to see them all the time, that’s for sure, but they have been in our waters more frequent.” White continued, “It’s just luck. But the chance of seeing something unique has been very high these past few months.”

Photo: Facebook, Carla Mitroff, Dana Wharf Whale Watch


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