Berkeley Businesses Post Armed Guards, Board up Windows

Berkeley Businesses Post Armed Guards, Board up Windows

BERKELEY, California — Shops in downtown Berkeley boarded up windows and at least one posted an armed guard at the entrance, as the quintessential university town dug in for another night of protests and clashes. For the past several nights, local protests against police have resulted in extensive property damage and injuries.

As night fell, demonstrators gathered at the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph, near the entrance to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. Many storekeepers, however, closed early. 

An armed guard outside one local business would only agree to be photographed from the neck down. 

A Starbucks on Shattuck Avenue that had been bustling during the daylight hours was completely boarded shut. Next door, a Papa John’s location resolved to remain open. “We’re open through the night,” the cashier said.

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