Cal State Bakersfield Faculty Goes Through Training For Active Shooter, Stabber

Screen Shot ABC23/Bakersfield

On November 5 California State University, Bakersfield, (CSUB) faculty underwent active shooter training that CSUB police chief Martin Williamson suggested would also apply to situations like the mass stabbing that took place at UC Merced on Wednesday.

Williamson said the active shooter training provides “tactics” that “can be used in many different situations.”

According to ABC 23, Williamson worked with the CSUB faculty and stressed the importance of surveying their surroundings and always being prepared.

He said:

If you’ve rehearsed this in your mind like we did [during active shooter training], then if it ever happens — whether it’s here or someplace else — I think that gives them those tools they need to react better, make better decisions and probably react more efficiently to a situation because of what they’ve learned here today.

Faculty and staff who attended the training commented said it made them “[feel]better prepared for any potential situations.”

Williamson encouraged those who attended to share what they learned with other faculty members, “students and friends.”

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