WATCH: Cops Chase Armed, Attempted Murder Suspect on I-405

Car chase on 405 (Screenshot / YouTube / Carchase channel)
Screenshot / YouTube / Carchase channel

Los Angeles police faced a brief shootout and were led on a 90-minute low-speed chase through the streets of the San Fernando Valley and southbound along the Interstate 405 Monday night by an armed attempted murder suspect wanted for allegedly shooting his sister-in-law early Sunday morning.

“The guy shot through the window,” a Los Angeles Police Department officer told Breitbart News. “Eventually, he came out of his car and surrendered.”

The 405 was still closed on Tuesday morning, the officer said, “because there were shots fired and they have to do a full investigation. It should be open by now.”

Another officer, Jeff Nuttall, told Breitbart News that the 405 was closed for approximately six or seven hours due to an “officer-involved shooting.”

“One of our police dogs bit the suspect and he was taken into custody.  I don’t know the exact location of the officer-involved shooting, but I do know it was sometime during the pursuit. That’s why it was closed. It was all part of the officer-involved shooting investigation. I would say it reopened at around 7 a.m.”

According to ABC 7, the suspect is believed to be Marcos Tulio Flores, 32. He drove a silver Acura. His sister-in-law is reportedly hospitalized in critical condition.

Video footage of the chase shows the suspect constantly slowing his car and then speeding it up as approximately 13 police cars followed him from behind.

The entire video of the chase was posted to YouTube:

ABC 7 reported that the suspect also threw items out of his windows including clothing.

Eventually, the officers administered a PIT (precision immobilization technique) move on the vehicle, which sent him spinning and immobilizing him. The cop car drove into the back of the driver’s side of the vehicle which sent it spinning and causing the suspect to lose control.

Authorities then surrounded the suspect’s vehicle and took him into custody using the help of a K-9.

A series of other high-speed chases have also taken place throughout the Golden State.

In December, “a man who appeared to be under the influence of some substance” led police on a wild chase after he “breached a secure area at San Francisco International Airport” and ran onto a tarmac at the busy airport.

Just four months prior to that, in San Diego, a Chinese family vacationing in the area led police on a high-speed chase after becoming confused following their failure to yield o a police officer’s sirens after evading a stop.

This past July, an “unusual” video of an unidentified go-kart driver racing down the Interstate 880 in Oakland went viral.

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