Wisconsin Woman Accused of Biting, Punching Officers at Walmart

A Wisconsin woman has been accused of biting and punching police officers during her arrest after she allegedly threatened a Walmart store worker.

Shanterrica Johnson, 18, and her friend were causing a ruckus at the big box retailer’s Brown Deer location when a store employee called the police, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WITI.

The Brown Deer Police Department released a video of the alleged incident, which appeared to show the suspect not cooperating with officers.

Johnson also allegedly refused to give her name to the officers who spent 20 minutes attempting to identify her, the complaint stated.

The officers could be heard explaining the situation to Johnson’s mother in front of store employees, explaining to her that if they cannot identify the two women there would have to be a police report. If the two suspects voluntarily identified themselves, there would only be a police log entry.

But Johnson refused to kowtow to the demands of the police officers, becoming argumentative and refusing to identify herself or let officers fingerprint her.

A police officer then told her that she would have to be arrested for obstruction. But Johnson allegedly grew more more violent the more police tried to control her.

WDJT reported that she allegedly punched one officer in the chest while a second officer in the scuffle could be heard yelling in the background, “She just bit me!”

Officers then used a taser to subdue Johnson before placing her in handcuffs.

Johnson is facing one count of battery to a law enforcement officer.

Johnson’s mother said her daughter “suffered tremendously” at the hands of law enforcement and criticized officers for violating her rights.

“She was not under arrest. She didn’t break any laws. She was a paying customer at Walmart,” said Johnson’s mother, who did not wish to be identified.


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