VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Girl Rescues Swan from Storm Drain

A five-year-old Merrick, New York, girl, with help from some first responders and animal control, rescued a swan from a storm drain, according to ABC7NY.

Video footage showed the girl on a walk with her grandmother when she noticed the trapped swan. Without hesitation, she texted her dad using Siri on her grandmother’s phone.

“Daddy, daddy, there’s an emergency,” the girl said. “There’s a swan in the drain.”

Her dad called the police, who, in turn, called animal control.

“The swan was definitely in distress. There was no way for that swan to get out on its own,” said Wildlife Rehabilitator Karenlynn Stracher, according to Fox 12.

The first responders got the swan out with a big net, and everyone agreed the swan would not have survived without Olivia’s help.

Olivia says she wants to be an animal caretaker when she is older.

“It’s just amazing with everything that’s going on right now,” Officer David Tait said, News4JAX reports. “And the stress that all the children and the parents are under that this little girl and a swan can just bring a smile to everybody’s face for a little while. It’s a good feeling.”


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