Nine Escapees from a Pennsylvania Juvenile Detention Center Captured

Old priston with its bars locked up
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Nine inmates that escaped a juvenile detention center in Pennsylvania on Sunday were captured Monday by authorities. 

The escaped inmates of Abraxas Academy were aged 15 to 17 and had escaped after a riot broke out, according to the Robeson Township Police Department in Berks County, CNN reported.  

The inmates were able to escape by overpowering two female guards and taking their keys. 

A total of 60 law enforcement personnel worked to capture the escapees with authorities using K-9s and drones.

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Chester County District Attorney via Storyful, Pennsylvania State Police via Storyful

Four of the inmates gave up their escape and knocked on the front door of a home, according to David Beohm, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Police troop in Reading.

“They were done, they were tired, they were cold,” Beohm said during a news conference. “They basically gave up.”

The other five had reportedly stolen a vehicle with a trailer attached to it. Four were captured, and the one teen took off running in a field and was captured shortly thereafter. 

The inmates  were all captured 4 miles within the detention center, and will all be charged with escape and for whatever other crimes they committed during the night.

On July 4, a riot occurred at the detention center involving 50 inmates, and it  took 19 police departments to intervene. 

“We’re concerned. We’re concerned that this institution which houses our most serious juvenile offenders who’ve been accused of a crime or convicted of a crime — they have to be able to maintain control,” Berks County District Attorney John Adams told WFMZ

The juvenile detention center borders the town where escaped murder convict Danilo Cavalcante was captured after a nearly two week manhunt.


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