Maine’s Oldest ‘Lobster Lady’ Turns 104, Refuses to Retire

Virginia Oliver, age 101, works as a sternman, measuring and banding lobsters on her son M
Robert F. Bukaty/AP

Maine’s oldest active lobster trapper just turned 104, and she still has no plans of retiring after catching crustaceans for over nine decades.

Virginia Oliver began trapping lobsters off the coast of Rockland with her father at the age of eight, she told a local CBS station. 

That was before the Great Depression.

She’s become quite a staple in her town over the years; her nickname is “the Lobster Lady” and she even stars as the subject of a book by the same name. 

After celebrating her hundred and fourth birthday on Thursday, Oliver is adamant that she’s going lobstering again this summer. 

“Oh, I’m going to go,” she told the outlet. 

Regardless of her age, Oliver says “‘I’m still the boss.”

A 2022 appearance on the TODAY show revealed just how beloved Oliver is by her town, with her adoring fans waving and cheering for her at the annual Lobster Festival parade.

“To get up and go like she does is amazing,” said one local resident.

“She’s the salt of the earth,” another stated.

When asked what “happens if you stop” moving, Oliver said, “You’ll be in a wheelchair.”

“I’m gonna retire when I die,” she added.

Oliver is helped out on the waters by her 81-year-old son, whose activity in old age is also impressive.


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