UKIP in Bradford Produce 'Independence Day' Spoof

UKIP in Bradford Produce 'Independence Day' Spoof

Bradford’s branch of the UKIP has produced a 9-minute Party Political Broadcast showing the European Union as an attacking alien force, similar to the one in the film Independence Day. The film, which explains UKIP’s policies on various issues, also shows the EU Space Ship deploying the lethal “primary weapon” from the film.

The UKIP film has been online for some time attracting very few hits, but having now been discovered it is being widely talked about and is likely to become a bit of an internet sensation.

Whilst the original 1996 Independence Day film starred Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, this version featured UKIP volunteers. The amateur actors used basic voice changing equipment to make the film more convincing, but some of the other special effects fall short of the standard of the original Hollywood blockbuster.

It is, however, believed to have cost the UKIP much less than the $75m shelled out by 20th Century Fox.

One UKIP insider said: “This video is hilarious, I’m sure it’s going to be spread far and wide now it’s been discovered. My only disappointment is that Nigel Farage didn’t take to the skies in a fighter jet right at the end.

“Then again he has had problems with planes in the past.”

Mr Farage was slightly injured when his light aircraft crashed on General Election Day in 2010.