TV Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright dead at 66

TV Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright dead at 66

The Scotsman newspaper is reporting that Clarissa Dickson Wright, a famous UK TV chef and one half of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ cookery programme, has died at the age of 66.

The Scotsman reports

A statement from her agency said she had passed away on Saturday in Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

The former barrister and one of Scotland’s best known chefs teamed up with Jennifer Paterson for the hit show in the 1990s, which showcased both her love of food and her maverick personality.

The statement said: “Loved dearly by her friends and many fans all over the world, Clarissa was utterly non-PC and fought for what she believed in, always, with no thought to her own personal cost.

“Her fun and laughter, extraordinary learning and intelligence, will be missed always, by so many of us.”

Ms Dickson Wright had had a long battle with alcoholism and her forthcoming birthday in June would have marked her 27th anniversary of ‘giving up alcohol’, a birthday which it was said “meant much more to her than another year on the clock”.

Twitter tributes have begun to flood in, with one user noting: “Clarissa Dickson Wright, hilarious woman full of bonhomie, sorry to hear of her death” while another noted, “Clarissa Dickson Wright has died? She was a formidable woman & had no time for the PC [politically correct] brigade or the AR [animal rights] lot”.