George Galloway: Scottish Deputy First Minister is 'Thatcher in a Kilt'

George Galloway: Scottish Deputy First Minister is 'Thatcher in a Kilt'

George Galloway has launched a speaking tour of Scotland called “Just Say Naw” ahead of September’s independence referendum. Speaking at the Carnegie Hall in Dumfermline, the Bradford West MP made a series of humorous remarks about Nationalist politicians and addressed a “packed” hall, according to the Courier.

The Courier reports that he opened his show by thanking the “cybernats” (pro-independence supporters known for their online vitriol) for providing him with enough material.

He then launched a stinging attack on various SNP politicians, labelling deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon as “Thatcher in a kilt”. The Courier says that this reference brought the first round of applause of the night.

Like many in the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon is known for her left wing views, including avowed republicanism, but this did not stop Galloway making the comparison.

He also accused the SNP of deliberately moving the debate away from economic and financial issues, areas where they have had increasing difficulties.

The three main UK parties have ruled out a formal currency union with an independent Scotland, leaving the SNP to hint that they may have to adopt the pound unilaterally.

“If the Bank of England issue the currency then it is the Bank of England who control the main economic aspects of Scottish life,” Mr Galloway said.

George Galloway is touring Scotland in order to persuade people, mainly on the left, to vote in favour of maintaining the Union. The name “Just Say Naw” refers to the Scots pronunciation of the word “no”.