UK Union Boss to Start ‘UKIP of the Left’, Claims 15 Labour MPs Support The Idea

UK Union Boss to Start ‘UKIP of the Left’, Claims 15 Labour MPs Support The Idea

A far-left trade union boss is determined to create a new political party that would be the “UKIP of the Left”, according to the Sun. Hardline Unite boss Len McCluskey is attempting to recruit Labour MPs to join a new “workers’ party” committed to high tax and public spending.

One insider described McCluskey, who is known as ‘Red Len’, as being “hellbent on driving the final nail into the New Labour coffin”. The source also claimed that he had recruited 15 Labour MPs so far.

Unite the Union has 1.4m members and is said to have put up £6m to fund the new political party. The MPs they have recruited are ready to defect if Labour leader Ed Miliband loses at the next election.

The Trade Union Reform Campaign, told Breitbart London: “Labour has the most left wing leader since Michael Foot. Miliband wants to have punitive taxes on success, introduce the first ever wealth tax, bring in price controls to parts of the economy, and has a land confiscation policy which is straight out of the Bolshevik play book. But that’s still not far enough for the radical left who run Britain’s unions.”

Red Len is believed to be in negotiations with Derek Hatton from ‘militant tendency’, the far left group that tried to infiltrate the Labour Party. McCluskey was a supporter of ‘militant tendency’ in the 1980s.

In the period Hatton was leader of the Liverpool City Council, he took the authority to the verge of bankruptcy. Militant tendency originated in the Revolutionary Communist Party, a group set-up after the war to spread Russian Communism to Britain.

Members were considered so extreme that the Labour Party expelled most of them under the leadership of Neil Kinnock.

McCluskey is no stranger to controversy as his union have been accused of trying to rig selection meetings to ensure their members are picked as candidates for the Labour Party.