Immigrants Need To Respect Britain, And Sharia Is Wrong Says Asian Cabinet Minister

Immigrants Need To Respect Britain, And Sharia Is Wrong Says Asian Cabinet Minister

Immigrants who come to this country should be forced to learn English, said Britain’s most senior Asian MP. Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Culture, said that new arrivals in the country must respect “our way of life” and make a contribution to society.

In an interview in the Telegraph the 44 year old cabinet minister, stated that he would pass the ‘Norman Tebbit cricket test’.

In 1990 Tebbit, now a member of the House of Lords, suggested that British nationals who do not support the England cricket team were disloyal to the nation. 

Mr Javid said: “Growing up in Rochdale I think all the kids in my street, pretty much every boy was playing cricket.

“I had four brothers as well and we played a lot together. When it was just me on my own, I was bowling at a drainpipe.”

Despite being the son of a Pakistani immigrant he also attacked the concept of enacting Sharia Law in Britain. He said: “Where people want to have their own private arrangements between them, that is a matter for them,” he says. “But there is no place for Sharia law in British law.”

The comments are likely to enrage the English and Welsh Law Society, who have issued their very first piece of guidance on Sharia will writing. Their actions, which were reported by Breitbart London, enshrine discrimination into legal practise for the first time since the Middle Ages.

Mr Javid said: “My parents were immigrants from Pakistan. My father has passed away now, but my father and mother were very proud of Britain and they have always respected the country and always wanted to make a contribution.

“I think that is the story of most immigrants I have met – the vast majority.”

The Culture Secretary is tipped a future Conservative leader, not least because he has risen to the top due to merit, not positive discrimination.