Murdered Baby Found by Cleaners on Austrian Train

Murdered Baby Found by Cleaners on Austrian Train

Police have launched a murder investigation after cleaners found the body of a newborn baby in the lavatory of an Austrian Railways train in Munich, according to The Local.

The cleaners found the body at 4 a.m., five hours after the train arrived from Budapest in Munich’s main station, the Hauptbahnhof, after travelling from Vienna through Salzburg and Rosenheim.

Initial examinations showed the boy was killed as soon as he was born on the Railjet 68 train. Police said they believe the mother may have given birth to the child in the lavatory.

“We still have no evidence,” a police spokesman said on Wednesday. Officers have been examining the train’s rubbish for clues.

Munich’s Abendzeitung reported on Wednesday the baby was born between Linz and St Pölten in Austria and the case will, therefore, be taken over by Austrian police.

According to the report, a cleaner on board the train had noticed that after the train left Vienna one lavatory was occupied for an unusually long time. When the train arrived in Linz, she noticed the door was open and inside she found blood. The cleaner closed-off the lavatory to prevent other passengers seeing the blood, but did not notice the body of the baby which was in the waste bin.