Alcohol-Flavoured Spring Water Set to Launch

Alcohol-Flavoured Spring Water Set to Launch

A range of spring waters flavoured like alcoholic beverages is set to launch later this month. Despite the flavour, the water, named Tipsy, will contain no alcohol.

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser reports that the water has been developed by Imperial Spring Water, and will include flavours such as gin & tonic, pastiche, whiskey & cola, rum & cola and rosé. Spokesman Peter Lynch said it is aimed at filling “the gap of an alcohol-free drink globally”.

The drink took three years for the company to develop and has “no added sugar and no artificial colouring”. What flavourings are used is not yet known, but Lynch says it is made from “natural spring water with natural flavours”.

The drink will likely fuel debate over alcoholism in Britain, especially as health officials continue to press for minimum pricing for alcohol. The manufacturers will naturally be hoping to market it to hard-up drinkers who are badly hit by “sin taxes”, yet it may also generate controversy as its lack of alcohol content will also mean it can be sold to children.

The drink will be available in 750ml and 330ml (25.4 and 11.2 US fl oz) glass bottles.