Oxfam Criticised Over 'Left-wing' Poster

Oxfam Criticised Over 'Left-wing' Poster

The charity Oxfam has been criticised after entering into a UK political debate on austerity. Critics are claiming that a new poster by the charity is openly left-wing line on domestic UK issues, and uses rhetoric similar to that of the Labour party.

The poster features an image a turbulent sea and says: “The Perfect Storm. Starring: Zero Hours Contracts, High Prices, Benefit Cuts, Unemployment, Childcare Costs”

The charity previewed the poster on Twitter with a provocative tweet claiming it was “lifting the lid on austerity Britain”.

The poster quickly drew criticism from political commentators

Conservative MP Conor Burns also revealed that he has written to the Charity Commission over the poster. The MP described it as “highly political”.

According to a report by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Oxfam receives nearly £16m of government money through the Department for International Development