Woman Claims To Give Birth To Baby Lizard, Investigation Launched

Woman Claims To Give Birth To Baby Lizard, Investigation Launched

Authorities in Indonesia have launched an investigation after a woman claimed she had given birth to a baby lizard. The midwife claims the gecko came out of Debi Nubatonis covered in mucus and blood, according to the Metro.

The case is even stranger as Mrs Nubatonis had all the signs of being eight months pregnant but in the end the gecko was the only thing that arrived on the day.  The authorities are taking the claim seriously despite the scenario being very hard to believe.

Some of Mrs Nubatonis’ neighbours have told news outlets that the family practices witchcraft and this might be related. However, doctors are much more convinced that she suffered a phantom pregnancy and the gecko climbed onto the birthing table unnoticed.

Whilst pseudocyesis (phantom pregnancies) is rare, it is not unheard of and can have physical symptoms. Similarly, geckos are extremely common in Indonesia and would even be present in clean environments such as hospitals.

The Chief Medical Officer of nearby Kupang City, said: “So the gecko coming out is probably some kind of hoax. Childbirth of another species has never been reported in science.”

However, some people remain convinced that the lizard was born on that day, and it is being taken care of properly. Perhaps after its ordeal it deserves to be treated well.