VIDEO: Man Attempts To Outrun Horses In Bizarre Track Stunt

VIDEO: Man Attempts To Outrun Horses In Bizarre Track Stunt

A man took the track at Leicester races to attempt to outrun a team of thoroughbred race horses. The spectator vaulted the fence and ran into the middle of the track before attempting to outpace the equestrian field, according to the Daily Mirror.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the man was no match for the 10-strong team of race horses, who overtook him without causing him any injury. The man who was dressed in a white shirt appeared to be disappointed not to have beaten the horses, and was seen punching the air to signal his annoyance.

It is unclear if any action was taken against the man for his intervention in the race, but on previous occasions similar stunts have left participants seriously injured or even killed. One such example is Emily Davison, who ran in front of horses at the 1913 Derby to campaign for women’s right to vote. It is unclear whether she tripped or jumped, but either way she was trampled to death by one of the King’s horses.

Attempting to outpace a horse is pointless. The fastest man alive Usain Bolt has a top speed of just under 28 miles per hour, whereas a racehorse moves at between 35 and 44mph. 

No research is available on how quickly a drunk overweight man might run after a day’s drinking at the races, but he is not thought to be anywhere near as quick as either Usain Bolt or a horse. The race took place at 8:45pm.