Britain To Re-establish Embassy To Iran In Light Of Regional Instability

Britain To Re-establish Embassy To Iran In Light Of Regional Instability

Britain is to re-establish its embassy in Iran in the wake of recent instability in Iraq, according to the Daily Mail. The Foreign Secretary William Hague will announce plans today to reopen a full diplomatic mission in Tehran.

The main driving force behind the decision to reopen the embassy was the election of Hassan Rouhani as president last year. He is regarded as much more moderate than his predecessor, and his election is considered an important step on the road to better relations between Iran and the West.

Full diplomatic relations with Iran were suspended after attacks on the British embassy in Iran in 2011. The attacks led to significant damage to property and London felt that Tehran had not done enough to protect the British Embassy. However more recently the new regime in Tehran has been instrumental in deescalating frosty relations with the West.

Also as reported on Breitbart London, Iran has assisted Iraq in its battle with militants from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). Iran sent at least two battalions of their elite Revolutionary Guard to assist with the retaking of Tikrit from ISIS.

President Rouhani’s government has also been willing to negotiate on the issue of the Iranian nuclear programme, which has been a major concern for the West.

William Hague spoke to Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday when significant progress was made on repairing relations. He said: “We do need Iran to make its contribution to stability in the region by seizing support for sectarian groups in other parts of the region.”

Relations between Britain and Iran may seem to most outside observers as an unholy alliance but the urgency of the reestablishment of full diplomatic ties shows the level of concern the West has for the worsening situation in Iraq. The fact that Tehran has become the key to regional stability in the Middle East is likely to lead moderates in places like Israel deeply concerned.