Labour Party to Cut Job Seeker's Allowance for Under 21s

Labour Party to Cut Job Seeker's Allowance for Under 21s

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband will today promise to cut state benefits for people under the age of 21. According to the Sun, he will also say that the unemployed should not receive dole money unless they have worked for at least five years previously.

Speaking in London, Mr Miliband will say that young people who don’t work will not be allowed to claim state money unless they sign up to a training scheme. “We must reshape our social security system so that it does everything it can to get people into decent jobs and the world of work, not a life on benefits,” he will say.

He will also promise to raise Jobseekers Allowance from £71 to £100 a week for people who have contributed more in income taxes throughout their life.

“It is a principle deeply felt by the British people that people should get something back for all they have put in and not get something for nothing,” the Labour leader will say.

“That’s why the next Labour government will change the way JSA operates to make sure that someone who has been working for years and years and paying in to the system gets more help if they lose their job than someone who has been working for just a couple of years.

“And we will pay for it not by spending more money in social security system overall, but by extending the length of time people need to have worked to qualify.”

The announcement comes after more bad polling for the Labour leader. Although his party maintains a small lead over the Conservatives, the governing party tends to improve its poll ratings as a general election approaches.

Personal polling for Mr Miliband is also very poor, with a recent poll giving him a lower satisfaction rate than embattled Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

The move may upset younger people in the United Kingdom who will want to be able to claim Job Seeker’s Allowance in a tough economic environment. Despite this potentially being more inhibiting than the raising of university tuition fees, Breitbart London sources claim there is no chance of a repeat of the student protests of 2010 due to the close relations between the National Union of Students and the left-wing Labour Party.