Cleaner Killed By Falling Into Mince Machine

Cleaner Killed By Falling Into Mince Machine

A German cleaner has been killed after he fell into a ‘paddle mincer’ machine at a meat processing plant. The 47 year old fell into the three meter wide machine whilst it was switched on, according to Short News.

Police in Padenborn, Germany have now removed the machine from the Westfleisch meat processing plant. It took officers several hours to remove the body as it had become embedded withiin it.

The Westfleisch plant produces meat products for international export. These include the famous German Kochwurst sausages made from pork offcuts. It also supplies tongue, shoulder and liver.

An investigation has been launched and is likely to focus on why the machine was switched on when a member of staff was in dangerously close proximity to it. 

The company is the fifth largest meat producer in Europe and is owned by around 4,000 farmers in North West Germany and the Netherlands. It was established in 1928 and is not believed to have accidentally mincing any other staff since that time.