UK Hate Preacher Is Jobless, Benefit Scrounger

UK Hate Preacher Is Jobless, Benefit Scrounger

An Islamist who is accused of radicalising three British jihadis to fight for ISIS, has been exposed as a benefit-claiming hypocrite, by the Mail. Thirty-five year old Abu Waleed spends his days inciting hated against Christians on the internet and has even called for them to be forced to shave their heads and wear red belts around their necks, in a similar way to Jews in Germany being forced to wear the yellow star.

The hate preacher is really called Shahid Janjua and he lives in a council house – a property funded by the British taxpayer – in Hounslow, West London. A source close to the family confirmed he was unemployed and claiming benefits for himself, his wife and his three disabled children.

He has used his online rants to encourage his followers to cheat taxpayers out of income support and incapacity benefit. He is a leading member of Need4Khilafah which was banned last week for inciting terrorism. It was also thought to be involved in radicalising the three Welsh Jihadis who appeared on an ISIS video, as reported Breitbart London

As reported on Saturday on Breitbart London, that two jihadi boys attended has been accused of allowed hate preachers to address children, leading to fears that Cardiff is now becoming a hot bed for radical Islam. The appearance of two Islamists from the town on the ISIS video also came shortly after the revelation that as many as 1,500 highly trained British extremists may be in Iraq and Syria.

In his films Waleed advocates a series of views that would sound ridiculous if he were not in a position of authority over vulnerable young Muslims. He believes the Queen should be forced to wear a Burka, that Christians should pay a special tax to Muslims, that Church bells should be banned and that any non-believer should be formally given second class citizenship status.

His video collection was uncovered by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an anti-extremism monitoring group. In the most recent film made in January Waleed said: “The kaffir [non-believer], when he walks down the street, he has to wear a red belt around his neck, and he has to have his forehead shaved, and he has to wear two shoes that are different from one another.”

In an earlier video, he says: “The nightmare on Downing Street, my dear brothers, is when the door of 10 Downing Street is kicked down by one muwahid [Muslim], and the caliph [Islamic ruler] he walks in, and establishes the sharia.”

He is believed to be close to the hate preacher Anjem Choudary, and has attended the notorious Finsbury Park mosque when it was in the grip of Abu Hamza and his henchmen. His mother Nasreen blamed claims he was “brainwashed” by hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Lord Carlile, the Government’s former counter terrorism advisor, said Waleed’s comments border on an incitement to religious hatred. The peer said: “The words he used are inflammatory, discriminatory, offensive and ludicrous.

“The suggestion that a Christian should have his hair shaved and wear a red belt around his neck reminds me of the very worst views and actions of Adolf Hitler.”

The benefit claimant is likely to be supportive of extra taxes on Christians because he is unwilling to get a job for a living, and instead believes he has a right to live a sedentary lifestyle.