Serbian Prime Minster Refuses To Hire 'English Gay Fart Tony Blair'

Serbian Prime Minster Refuses To Hire 'English Gay Fart Tony Blair'

A number of news outlets report today that the Serbian Prime Minister has refused to hire Tony Blair as his advisor on the country’s accession to the EU on the grounds he’s too expensive. Instead, the country has opted for Peter Mandelson. But in his interviews, the Serbian Prime Minister failed to mention that he previously edited a book entitled “English Gay Fart Tony Blair”.

Earlier this month Aleksandar Vucic met with former PM Blair in Belgrade to discuss engaging him as his personal advisor. At the time no details were given about what the role would entail but it has now emerged it is related to Serbia’s ambition to gain membership of the European Union, an aim that has already been realised by another former state in Yugoslavia: Slovenia.

But Mr Vucic has not always been a big fan of the former British Prime Minister. As Yugoslavia began to breakup Blair persuaded the international community to pursue a very hard-line with Belgrade. This ultimately led to the West invading both Bosnia and Kosovo, allowing both to secede from Yugoslavia, effectively ending its existence.

The book’s title is not intended to cast aspersions on Mr Blair’s sexuality – he is happily married with four children – but instead it suggests that he is comparable to flatulence. The writers are thought to have believed that being compared to a gay person’s flatulence would be more offensive.

Vucic was also involved in the production of a book about a judge at the International Criminal Court who presided over the trial of a number of Serbian war criminals, it was entitled “Shrunken Kangaroo Ball Kevin Parker”.

Both books were written by Vojislav Seselj, who is currently in prison for war crimes, related to his actions as a member of the paramilitary group the White Eagles. He wrote the books after founding the Serbian Radical Party, of which Vucic was the National Secretary. Since that time Vucic has left the party, and is now considered much more moderate than he once was.

It is likely that Blair knew of the existence of the book about him prior to his visit to Belgrade, causing some amusement in the Serb community, not least because negotiations appear to have broken down because the Former British Prime Minister demanded too much money. In the comparatively socially conservative country it would be highly unlikely for anyone to associate with someone who had been so openly offensive about them in public.

The Serbian Prime Minister says he is happy with his choice of Lord Mandelson. He said: “Mandelson is the best motivator I’ve ever seen in my life. Some people would say he’s on the dark side, but he has a very strong, unbeatable personality, you cannot frighten him, he’s very influential, he can have a real impact.”

Publishers of “English Gay Fart Tony Blair” have no plans to release it in English. One political observer in Belgrade told Breitbart London: “I am not sure the English translation comes close to how gross and offensive this title is in Serbian.”

Vojislav Seselj is believed to have written around 200 books, many of which have a similar editorial line.