'UK Fears My Return': Chilling Testimony of British Jihadist in Syria

'UK Fears My Return': Chilling Testimony of British Jihadist in Syria

A man claiming to be Nasser Muthana, the British-born Jihadist who appeared in alongside two others in an ISIS propaganda video two weeks ago, has posted new pictures of over a dozen homemade bombs, with the caption: “So the UK is afraid I come back with the skills I’ve gained.”

Muthana, a former student from Cardiff, was denounced by his own father when his propaganda video appeared a couple of weeks ago. Ahmed Muthana said he “wanted to cry” when he saw his son’s video, asking: “Why did he do this? Is he going to kill?”

Now, the Independent reports that a man purporting to be Muthana has posted images on an unverified Twitter account of homemade bombs and weapons, saying that some of them had been seized from enemy Shia militants.

Earlier this week, a man claiming to be Nasser Muthana’s brother, Aseel, told BBC Wales that “Jihad is obligatory” and the he was prepared to die for his cause. He described himself as a “martyr” and said there were many other British-born men fighting for ISIS in Syria.

He added that he did not miss Britain, but would like the rest of his family to join him in Syria.

The new images come after an 18-year-old man was detained in Cardiff, close to where Muthana grew up. The Express reports that the man is thought to be friends with Muthana and the other men in the video. South Wales Police said he had been detained for “assisting in the preparation of an act of terrorism”.

A man in London has also been detained on suspicion of fraud by false representation and arranging funding for terrorism in Syria.