Transport for London Spent £1,000 of Taxpayer Money on Union Boss Tribute Photo

Transport for London Spent £1,000 of Taxpayer Money on Union Boss Tribute Photo

Taxpayer-funded “Transport for London” (TfL) spent more than £1,000 on pictures of the late Union boss Bob Crow, according to the Evening Standard. The pictures were erected in the Tube Stations that he spent a lifetime trying to disrupt.

As previously reported on Breitbart London Crow described himself as a “communist” and a “socialist”. He was also proud to live in a taxpayer funded home despite earning an enormous salary, allowing him to enjoy five-star holidays and expensive restaurants.

When he died, his opponents rallied to pretend they were sorry for his untimely death aged just 52. In reality people were sympathetic to the personal tragedy for his family but were also glad to be rid of a man who was was committed to fighting against hard-working people.

The polite response to his death was in stark contrast to his own attack on Margaret Thatcher when she died. He publicly told grieving members of her family that he hoped she would “rot in hell”. In her later days Thatcher told friends of her delight at how much being alive annoyed people like Crow.

TfL revealed it cost £1,050 to “acquire the rights to Mr Crow’s photograph”, for them to erect a tribute at tube stations around the capital. In response to a Freedom of Information request, they said: “the cost to distribute and print the posters was negligible, as they were sent electronically to local station printers for printing, and they were then displayed by station staff on our mobile poster frames”.

Bob Crow brought disruption to London’s transport network throughout his career. It is unclear whether his old union the RMT will continue to be as militant now he has died.