BBC Flip-Flops on Climate Change Sceptics

BBC Flip-Flops on Climate Change Sceptics

The BBC should air the views of sceptics of man-made global warming after all, according to the editor of Radio 4’s flagship ‘Today’ programme. Jamie Angus, who edits the radio station’s morning current affairs show, said that sceptics like Lord Lawson deserve to be heard, despite holding “minority views”.

Lord Lawson, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer in Margaret Thatcher’s government, appeared on the show in February to take part in a debate on whether global warming was to blame for the recent floods. Some listeners complained, which led to the BBC ruling that his views had been given undue prominence in the debate.

Lord Lawson then wrote a scathing article in the Daily Mail, describing the BBC as “Stalinist” and accusing it of banning him from the airwaves.

The Today programme editor has now said that people like Lord Lawson should be heard. He told the Guardian: “The BBC can’t say, ‘We aren’t going to put that point of view on air because scientists tell us it’s not right’.

“People always raise flat earth at this point, but if you go into a pub on Oxford Street you won’t find anyone who says the earth is flat, but you will probably find a couple of people who are unconvinced by the science of climate change.

“Clearly the BBC has to reflect what is a relatively settled view of the majority of scientists… but absolutely should not squeeze out alternative points of view, and we haven’t.”