On Why Conservative Women Are Sexier

On Why Conservative Women Are Sexier

Right wing women are sexier than left wing women, argues Cosmo Landesman in the latest issue of the Spectator. And it’s not like he’s biased: this is a self-confessed “liberal-lefty-pro-feminist” talking here.

Maybe once conservative women deserved their reputation for being “uptight, prudish and repressed”, he says, but not any more. These days it’s lefty women who are the problem, constricted as they are by “a sexual correctness that has come in the wake of third-wave feminism.”

Landesman has been doing some serious, dedicated research into this:

I recently had sex with a woman who writes for the Guardian and in the heat of the moment I said, ‘I love you — you filthy slut!’ I meant it as a compliment! Honest! She stopped the proceedings and gave me a long lecture about how the ‘verbal demeaning of women’ was totally unacceptable. I had a similar experience with a woman of the right. (I won’t repeat what I said because it’s too embarrassing.) But she just laughed and said, ‘Oh, you do say the sweetest things to a girl!’

Women of the right will not tolerate sexism; but nor do they have that tendency of some left-wing women always to play the victim of sexism. They have a robust, get-on-with-it attitude to life that makes them less prone to the neurotic, whiney, oh-poor-me melodrama that has infected so much thinking of left-leaning feminists.

Actually, I think he’s wrong on that stuff about “women of the right” not tolerating “sexism.” In my experience – based partly on quoting Lil Wayne lyrics to female conservatives/libertarians on my recent trip to the US – I’d say that actually they get off on it. They see it not only as agreeably transgressive and amusingly retro but also as a welcome opportunity to demonstrate just how little they care about an “issue” which has only become an issue because the shrill feminist left has striven to make it so.

But perhaps he’s on to something generally. Check out this website Sexymp.co.uk, in which British MPs are ranked according to shagability. It’s a bit out of date – for example it still thinks Louise Mensch (Bagshawe, as it calls her) is MP for Corby whereas of course she resigned long ago – but the results, if accurate, are heartening. Of the top 50 women, 39 are Conservatives.

I’m sure similar rules apply in the US. Simple question: Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi?