Super-Rich Stage Crass London Lamborghini Protest For Palestine

Super-Rich Stage Crass London Lamborghini Protest For Palestine

Super rich ‘activists’ have launched the most bizarre protest in support of the Socialist Workers campaign on Palestine yet: driving through Mayfair in Lamborghinis with banners. The drivers took placards with “Socialists Workers. Free Palestine” and drove the expensive super-cars past Harrods.

The ‘protest’ came a day after tens of thousands of activists took to the streets to support the plight of Hamas in Gaza, as they are attacked by the Israeli Defence Force. But today it was the turn of the well-heeled to launched their own crass display that appears to have backfired, both literally and figuratively.

One onlooker took to Facebook to say: “Loads of guys speeding through Kensington waving flags and honking horns, presumed they were celebrating a football win or something then I realised that they were protesting about what’s going on in Gaza. 

“Speeding past Harrods in a Lamborghini whilst waving a massive flag and cheering somehow fails to convince me that today’s protests are all about the horrors that are happening right now. 

“Won’t make any difference but the majority of these people don’t really care about the end result as long as they are seen to be ‘part of the struggle’… At least between meals in any case.”

Another said on Twitter: “Palestine supporters driving down in their Lamborghini! Spend your money on your so called people not flash cars!!!! #sickening”

This is not the first time the Lamborghinis have come out in support of Palestine, and now seem to be a regular Sunday afternoon feature in London. It is unclear who is responsible but the Knightsbridge area of London is well known for being the home to wealthy young Arabs who spend their weekends driving super-cars around at break neck speeds. 

For years now residents in the area have complained about super-car races keeping them up at night, but so far the authorities have failed to take action.

Today’s protest is being widely seen as a crass display of wealth rather than people voicing genuine concern for what is taking place in the Middle East. It is likely to be off-putting to British tourists who flock to the area to window shop in an area where flats can go for tens of millions.