Over 800 People Call on Preston Council to Fly Israeli Flag after Pro-Hamas Group Fundraiser

Over 800 People Call on Preston Council to Fly Israeli Flag after Pro-Hamas Group Fundraiser

Over 800 people have joined a Facebook group calling on Preston Council to fly the Israeli flag just days after Breitbart London revealed that the British local government body worked with a pro-Hamas group to hoist the Palestinian flag over a public building.

The group, called ‘500 Plus Names for Preston Council to Fly the Israeli Flag’ was formed this weekend and has already surpassed the number of people who called for the Palestinian flag to be raised, which ended in a four minute ceremony, as well as £1500 raised for a pro-Hamas campaigning group.

The group’s administrator told Breitbart London:

“I am a member of the public – just somebody who is rather cross and would like to help in what I see as “something wrong” and likely to cause more problems in this country and will not help peace. I watch i24news and noticed that a reporter was talking about anti Semitism in the UK. I really identified with what he was saying – we all feel it and are very frightened by it. 

“This coupled with finding out that Preston Council were going to fly the Palestinian flag for three days. I set about contacting people for help to stop it. As you know the flag went up for either four or five minutes. All the letters that I have seen from Preston Council claim not to take sides, but I feel that they have. I was so outraged realising that I did not want Palestinian flags flying from all the City Councils and was trying to think of a way to stop it….so started the Facebook page.”

The campaigners say they want residents to write to all local councils and MPs across Britain, and “demand solidarity with Israel”.

“I have found out that politicians measure public opinion by the number of letters they get on an issue and not just by what each individual letter says. Anti-Israeli/Anti Semitic people seem to be able to write in large numbers!” 

Those responsible for the Palestinian flag ceremony initially told Breitbart London they would not countenance flying an Israeli flag – then claimed they might be convinced if enough Preston residents petitioned the council.

Cllr Robert Boswell told Breitbart London that he thought it was of “no relevance” that his partner organisation in raising the Palestinian flag – the Children of the Ghetto – was supportive of the terrorist group Hamas.