WATCH: BBC Newsreader Misses Own Bulletin

WATCH: BBC Newsreader Misses Own Bulletin

BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen was left feeling embarrassed this week after apparently missing the start of a news bulletin he was supposed to be presenting.

The camera pans in to the desk where the presenter is supposed to be sitting, only to show viewers an empty chair. Several awkward seconds pass before Owen finally takes his seat and apologises for the “confusion”.

Despite appearing to be late, the presenter was in fact in the wrong part of the studio, apparently confused about whether he was presenting standing up or sitting down.

The BBC have issued a statement saying: “Nick wasn’t late. After reading the headlines he moved across the studio to the big screen to present the top story standing up. However a technical glitch meant he couldn’t be seen there and he had to return to the desk, which was why there was a brief pause and a reference to a change of plan.”